Programme 1 Mid Term Review

A Mid Term Review of Programme 1 research will take place at SCRI in November.

The objectives of the Mid Programme Review are to assess:

  • the scientific quality, feasibility and timeliness of the research
  • the relevance of the research to Scottish Government policy and related stakeholder interests
  • the effectiveness of the knowledge exchange activities used to communicate and disseminate research outputs to target audiences
  • the management of the Programme through Work Package and Programme co-ordination mechanisms and consider the interaction with the Programme Group
  • progress made towards addressing the Cross Cutting Themes.

The programme review panel will consist of the following people:

  • Chair - Professor Graham Jellis, Home-Grown Cereals Authority
  • Professor Howard Atkinson, University of Leeds
  • Professor Nick Battey, University of Reading
  • Dr Rosemary Bryson, BASF plc
  • Professor Tom Meagher, University of St Andrews
  • Dr Mike Jarvis, University of Glasgow
  • Professor Mike Kearsey, University of Birmingham
  • Ms Maggie McGinlay, Scottish Enterprise
  • Professor Chris Pollock, Independent
  • Dr Gerry Saddler, SASA
  • Professor Mark Tatchell, Independent
  • Mike Storey, Potato Council.